Isafjordur (issa-fyor'-thur) is a remote city in the Western Fjords region of Iceland.

We flew into the precarious airport that requires the pilot to execute a 180 degree turn with one wingtip within 100 yards of a steep mountainside.  The pilot had practiced the maneuver prior to our arrival and we landed safely.

..don’t miss that turn..
…ah, safely arrived at last..

Within an hour of arriving in Isafjordur we went kayaking under the able guidance of Runnar (like Gunnar, but with an ‘r’) of Borea Expeditions.  Runnar has seemingly cornered the market on outdoor recreational activities in western Iceland along with his ‘silent’ partner from Belgium. One can only wish most of the western world was under Runnar’s able command.  His coffee shop and bakery is outstanding and he treated us royally as he lead us personally on a kayak trip among the islands.

“downtown” Isafjordur
time to launch the kayaks near the Arctic Sea