We’ve covered another large segment of large Montana–389 miles worth. With the prior week that means we’ve traveled 796 miles by bike through Montana. We’ve got about 49 miles to go to the North Dakota border so we’ll have done 845 miles to cross the whole state. Phew!

(Full Disclosure: I did leave out 49 miles of the north-south path to get to Glendive, MT because we had a guest arriving and needed to fly out of Glendive to a wedding back east. But then we did cover an extra 23 miles in Glacier National Park. Still, we’ve done the full breadth of Montana.)

Let’s just say the road is long…

DayTownDistanceRiding TimeElevation GainAvg. Speed
18Chester, MT67.4 miles4:25 hours1299 feet15.2 mph
19Havre, MT59.2 miles3:37 hours:min1275 feet16.3 mph
20Malta, MT90.1 miles5:53 hours1158 feet15.3 mph
21Glasgow, MT70.8 miles4:58 hours1470 feet14.2 mph
22Wolf Point49.3 miles3:48 hours693 feet12.9 mph
23Circle, MT52.1 miles4:28 hours2421 feet11.6 mph