Let’s get to know our indispensable support team, Christopher and Andrew, better!

In Malta, Montana, Christopher and Andrew…

  1. Discovered a rope swing and together swung out buck naked… dumping themselves into the Milk River.
  2. Took the evening off to go Wine and Dino at the Malta Dinosaur Museum where they flirted with two Montana women twice their age.
  3. Entered the Oasis Bar and Casino around 9pm with 20$ between them and came out at around midnight with over 1000 bucks.

Christopher as a young lad growing up in Dallas, Texas…

  1. Ran a pet business where he got money for boarding a pet Armadillo.
  2. Taught new poker games to incarcerated women with his pastor father.
  3. Was Velcro-ed into his seat because he couldn’t keep still.

Andrew as a college student at Emory University…

  1. On a whim, hopped a freight train with his roommate in Atlanta and ended up somewhere in South Carolina.
  2. Organized secret weekend drag races outside Atlanta in which all participants had to strip out and “soup up” a minivan
  3. became a TA (teaching assistant) for a class in 13th century Arabic philosophy.

(Answers will be provided in a day or two.)