Bluespoon in the Andaz Hotel

One of the reasons I am writing about this restaurant is that it isn’t in any of the guide books we are using.

Coming home from a dinner out along the Prinsengracht canal, we ran into an attractive elderly couple out walking their wired haired dachshund. Trusting their taste, we asked them what their favorite restaurant in Amsterdam was. Smiling at each other, they responded, “The Bluespoon.”

High-end, expensive, and modern-sophisticated (the exact opposite of Wally), the Bluespoon turned out to be the perfect restaurant to take my parents, sister and our brother-in-law. We had an elegant, delicious dinner and the wine was perfect.

Keizersgracht 238

Attached to the Pullizer Hotel with its entrance on the Keizersgracht, this hotel was another hit with our parents. We had a delicious lunch here after spending the morning at the Rijkmuseum. The full wall mural that makes fun of the huge golden age Dutch paintings is an example of typical Dutch humor. They love to make fun of themselves.