Our first overnight bike trip to the north of Amsterdam was to the town of Edam. This little place was, in a French word, charmante. We spent the night at a charmante hotel called the Fortuna and rode home, via Marken Island, the next day.

Our Route To Edam

Delightful De Fortuna, built in 1654


  • Dinner at Fortuna (best dinner yet! Cheers to the cook.)
  • Ferry ride to Marken Island
  • Cheese Museum in Volendam
  • Tasting the water on either side of the dike to see if it was fresh or salt… answer: fresh leaning to brackish on both sides because the former ZuiderZee has been enclosed as the IJsselmeer.
  • Walking around Edam, beers at the Dam Hotel
Fietspad (bike path) on the top of a dike

Walking Bridge (Brug)

Canal as reflecting pool

Approaching Marken Island (return trip to Amsterdam)