Rodman Ward Sr. born April 8th, 1934: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Flower Auction in Aalsmeer: World’s largest flower auction. We were so glad we got up early and went out of our way to visit this huge spectacle. We rented a minivan for the day. We were told that about 90 million flowers and plants change hands every day at this auction. There is even a special trolley line that takes carts and carts of flowers out of the auction house straight onto planes at the airport.


Kuekenhof: The Netherland’s famous bulb garden. Kueken means kitchen and hof means garden. Gigi, my sister, said, “That’s gotta be the biggest kitchen garden in the world.” The flowers were out in all their colorful splendor though the weather wasn’t as cooperative. Despite the intermittent rain, we had umbrellas and it was April, the only real month to go.