After breakfast at the Framnes, we were off once again for the drive back to the international airport, where we would leave the next day for  Scotland.  We drove straight through, arriving in Reyjavik in a rainstorm.  Parking, we headed out on a shopping trip, purchased some gifts and had a terrific lunch at Solon, where we found out that there really is good food in Iceland, if you are either lucky or know where to look. 

We still had time for one more adventure in Iceland, and so we headed out for the hot springs at Hveragerdi.  It was overcast, with rain again threatening, but we set out to find the “hot pots” we had read about in the tour guide.  After a muddy hour and a half walk up the mountain, we saw the steam rising from a series of geothermal springs, and headed that way, until we came upon a group of young German ladies who had set up camp in a 100 degree stream.  At an appropriate distance, we somewhat modestly changed into our swimsuits  and dropped into the river, where we had a good soak in the restorative waters.  As evening approached, we walked back down the mountain, stopping to inspect the bubbling mud pots, then back to the car for our the final leg of our Icelandic adventure, the drive to Keflavik.  We checked into a hotel near the airport run by Icelandic Air, had a quick fish and chip dinner, and fell into our beds at midnight for a 4:30 am wakeup call.

hot springs Geothermal vents behind.
Heat lovingly directed to a natural stream
to create pools of the perfect temperature for soaking.
A well-earned reward at the end of the hike. Ah!!
mud pot Bubbling mud!