Today, we are riding from Hutchinson Island through Jupiter to Palm Beach. In Jupiter, we’d be meeting Emmy’s boarding school classmate from Westover School, Genie Jessup Murray. We thought we could ride out the storm.

But, that was not to be.  Just 4 miles in, we were thoroughly drenched with 39 miles to go. Wait! We have smartphones, the internet, credit cards—and we are in a place with lots of resources.  What better way to move two bikes and two riders than a “medical van.” The ramp extends; the bikes roll in; the riders take a seat—and we are whisked to the next destination on our trip: Jupiter Marina. Maybe it’s cheating, but we’d been dowsed twice and had a few more coming...


Here, we met Genie at the Juno Beach Shoe Boutique:

Genie welcoming

We had a wonderful lunch to celebrate the 2 classmember reunion...


...before continuing on for another thorough drenching. Who knew the snooty “The Breakers” had a rodent infestation of (drowned) rats who arrived by bike? These drowned rats had American Express and became welcome, dripping guests:

drowned rats