We are so not Navy Seals.

We visited the National Navy UDT-Seal Museum. We learned that real Navy Seals are incredibly tough, well-trained, courageous, patriotic, and dedicated to each of their team members. They truly leave no one behind. The stories in the Presidential Medal of Honor commendations are harrowing for both those who survived and those who died.

In addition to the history of the Seals’ predecessors, the Underwater Demolition Teams, and the Seals, there is a lot of cool stuff:

  • amazing militarized “dune buggies” from Desert Storm in Iraq,
  • submersible deployment vehicles from the Pacific theatre of WW II and Vietnam,
  • a real Black Hawk helicopter,
  • super shoes that propel a “frog man” at 4 mph underwater for up to 2 hours,
  • desert motorcycles,
  • very scary looking knives,
  • and lots of guns (many of which are not legal to carry by civilians) of all types and descriptions.

The most amazing part of the museum are the true stories of courage and sacrifice. Everyone must respect these defenders of the freedoms we enjoy at home.

We tried out on the obstacle course and washed out in under 5 seconds. Watch the videos (slow to download):

Emmy on the ropes

Lewis on/off the wall in slow motion

Instead, we became: Team Tactical Bike Deployment.

Our motto: Grrrrr and Whrrrrr!