Today’s ride started out cold and quickly warmed up. Wind from ahead shifted to wind from the side. Thirty-seven miles to Butlers Beach—all along A1A. We went past all the mansions of Ponte Vedra: houses of 7000 sq. feet a couple of feet apart on a strip of land about 100 feet wide. Maybe 30 feet above sea level. Then more of A1A.

We went through the charming town of St. Augustine. You see above one of the old streets with grand old trees and Spanish moss. We saw the REAL fountain of youth. As we went by the entrance a rather tremulous older couple was approaching on foot. I asked the optimistic lady, “do you think it works?” And she replied with a bit of grin, “I’ve heard that you get 10 years for one sip.” To which I replied, “If I see you come out as a little girl then I am definitely trying it.” Her more tentative husband waited in a seeming state of terror at crossing the quite narrow street as his wife strode forward.

We decided the real fountain of youth is riding a bike: maybe we get 1 year for 2,500 miles.

At the end of the day, we arrived at Butler Beach.