Today, we sailed along A1A with the wind at our backs, often riding seemingly with no effort at all at 14 to 16 miles per hour. The path was nearly straight for forty-six miles. We started at a temperature of 42 in Florida. It never got above 55, but with the wind at our backs and bright sunshine we felt entire comfortable.

Emmy and Lewis enjoy the view at Flagler Beach:

We enjoyed lunch at the modest but welcoming community of Flagler Beach. Eventually we rode right past Daytona Beach to reach the altogether more subdued Daytona Shores Beach, which despite the similar names are a bit different. But, both are the beginning of the cement strip at the side of the ocean that continues down the coast of Florida until we leave land for the Florida Keys.

It is important to stay fueled up for the (not) grueling ride. Snickers, in any form, are a potent source of fuel—a meal (of calories) in every bite.