Day 1 was from Seattle to Skykomish with Kevin Fitzwilson and James Dailey:

We rode out the Burke Gilman, onto Woodinville, Monroe, to stop for big amazing greasy spoon lunch and amazing baked goods at Sultan Bakery. We made it to Skykomish after Kevin rode more than twice as much in a single day as he’d ever done. He is showing no pain and he protected us from crazy drivers as “the big red stop sign.”

We met Sasquatch, or his (its?) spirit on the way:

At the historic Cascadia Inn in Skykomish we were met by Kevin’s wife, Andrea, James’ wife and daughter, Kristin and Neve, and our own Ellie and Susie for a great dinner. The proprietor is the nicest guy ever, the food was hearty and good, and the place is scrupulously clean and efficient–just don’t be looking for citified luxury.