Our stalwart team:

  • Lewis: approaching 60 years old
  • James Dailey: cyclist, enthusiast, instigator, dad, husband, friend => on the road from Seattle to Whitefish, MT
  • Emmy: best wife, partner, and friend ever
  • the “Scotsmen”—son Jay’s ATO fraternity brothers
    • Andrew Peeples
    • Christopher McDougal Drivers, dog-sitters, long-distance carryout sandwich shop operators, slack-liners, philosophers
  • the dogs (quotation marks not required–they are actually dogs):
    • Wally, a wired-hair dachshund of gravity and dignity, almost 10 years old
    • Joni, cousin twice-removed of Wally, a rambunctious wired-hair dachshund puppy 7 months old