Well, Key West–what can one say? It is sort of the south end of the USA… And it is really crowded, really touristy, and really, really boozy. Yeah, it is. We did it: 538.6 miles from Amelia Island to Key West. And this was the end of our ride due to a bit of a logistics snafu.

We stayed near the big marina and Duval St. where all the action is, even though our hotel, the Piers Hotel, was pretty quiet. Not sure this is the best area to stay though we liked the hotel. Better to stay along the Florida Channel coast along Ocean Drive where there are big public beaches and the streets are much quieter and there are places that serve the locals. Even this far “out of the action”, it’s a 5 minute walk to be “in the action.”

We went to the aquarium. …mmmm, well you’ve been to a better aquarium, though we met the above lionfish (nasty, invasive, venomous species) there. We went to the Truman Little White House. This is a very interesting slice of history and nice to see what a good president was like–which is a non-partisan assertion.

Our point-to-point riding was completed, fini. We took the “party bus” high speed ferry from Key West to Fort Myers. From Fort Myers we drove to Everglades City and then to Fort Lauderdale. We would do some day rides in Fort Lauderdale just to keep in shape–our final riding total for the entire trip was 592.8 miles (can we just say 593?).