Today, we rode to Indian Harbor Beach. What’s a little wind? …say, 18 mph. What’s a little rain? …say, an inch.

Ya know wind at your back is not so bad even if it is pelting rain at our Goretex ensconsed upper bodies. Uh, then we crossed the intracoastal on the only up slopes in Florida and the wind and rain came from the side. Then, we turned south again—hey, no prob.

Then, it really came down in buckets. We were often on the long, continuous sidewalks along route A1A and sometimes the puddles were short canals 3 to 4 inches deep. Once you are drenched, you are drenched. You can’t get super-saturated, only totally saturated. We really weren’t cold. Everything went into the dryer when we got to the hotel.

The real reward was meeting my cousin, Don, and his wife, Phyllis—who drove all the way from Orlando—to have dinner with us. What joy!