After wind in the face to Cut Bank, the wind changed nearly 180 degrees to come from the west. Rode the 67 miles to Chester with 15 to 25 mph winds at my back. Sometimes I could ride 14 mph on the flats without pedaling. I had a friend pushing my bike up hills (well, up grades as there was only one legitimate hill).

US Highway 2 goes across northern Montana alongside the railroad. Today I saw a train of oil tanker cars that may have been 1/2 mile long. Someone must correct me in the comments as I am sure some regulations set the maximum length of trains. Another one just as long was carrying wheat.Towns are defined by grain elevators, being the county seat, or both.

Nicest people. Incredibly polite and conscientious drivers. In 8 days of riding in Montana, there have been 3 drivers who came close when they might not have–out of dozens who moved all the way into the passing lane or at least gave me a couple of extra feet. Let’s be real here: in Seattle we could experience more rude drivers in a single afternoon.