Lewis and I have taken two tours through the Red Light District and given one after our brief apprenticeship.

  1. Last year, 2013, we took the Saturday 5pm tour offered through the Prostitution Information Center (PIC). Mariska, who now runs PIC, was a prostitute and she gave us an informative one hour tour. She’s serious about this age old business and we learned a lot. If you are traveling with your parents, your kids or someone you don’t know very well, we recommend this one. www.pic-amsterdam.com
  2. This year we found Mark Law, a quirky, fun tour guide to take us through again. His tours are usually two hours long though we cut it down to one and a half. With Mark we saw more of the underbelly of the Red Light District and he successfully took us out of our comfort zone. He also did a good job answering the questions around legalizing prostitution. You have to schedule tours with him by calling him or using his website. Also important to note: he doesn’t just do tours of the Red Light District. www.thatdamguide.com Phone: 0031 (0) 6272 69604 or [email protected] I stole this picture from his website:

That Dam Guide on the right with the two oldest prostitutes in the Red Light District