We had visitors our second week here. Two beautiful women stopped by to check in and we went to the Noordemarkt right near our apartment. This food market is only open Saturdays.  Sally was looking for a full wheel of cheese to send to her mom and Helen was taking photos of cool fresh food for her mom’s blog. Lewis and I bought some fish to fry.

Helen Vinn, a person whom Lewis and I have gotten to know really well because she is an awesome adult in the making and actually looks you in the eye and engages in meaningful conversations… we could go on and on about Helen…. leave it to say, we love her.

Sally Slade, gorgeous, wacky, upbeat, wide open to experiences… Sally can make you laugh until you let go of your autonomous nervous system.  So fun to spend time with Sally… in a word… Gorgeous.

Sally on the left; Helen on the right. Taken from our apartment window