Cido and Rob are our amazing landlords. They invited us for drinks and we had a lovely time. Susie took the picture.

Cido and Rob

They answered our questions:

  1. The canal house right next to ours went for 1.5 million euros (2 million dollars approx.)! It is very expensive to live right in the city especially along the three historic canals.

  2. Kids start biking as soon as they have graduated from the trike. It is a great place for kids as they gain the independence. They are able to go all over Amsterdam at a young age… And no helmets… We haven’t seen a single one.

  3. Almost everyone sends their kids to public school and almost no one sends their kids to boarding school.

  4. Cido was a dentist before she was a VRBO landlord.

  5. Many Dutch have work experience or have traveled to other countries. Ever since the V.O.C. (Dutch East India Company by its Dutch initials), the Dutch have been a very enterprising people.